Romania Tech Nation is a concept developed by the National Council of the Private Small and Medium Enterprises of Romania and benefits from the Romanian presidential patronage.

Initiative launching event.

RO Tech Nation DIH represents the partnership between 11 organizations with expertise in complementary fields of specialization.
The mission of RO Tech Nation DIH is to provide technological expertise and experimentation facilities at European standards, in order to digitally transform economic agents and public entities belonging to Bucharest-Ilfov region of Romania.


As a one-stop-shop, RO Tech Nation DIH aims to:
Stimulate the technological and innovative capabilities in the context of the European digitalization market.
Facilitate the cooperation between regional actors, such as private companies, public institutions...

educational institutions, SMEs, research centers or clusters, in order to generate innovation and added value through digital transformation solutions implementation. The digital transformation solutions are to be implemented in different domains, like Smart cities, Public Administration digitalization, Industry 4.0, Industry digital transformation, E-health, and Culture.
Raise awareness regarding digital transformation services and test before invest facilities...

Moreover, RO Tech Nation DIH is going to generate and ensure access to knowledge through innovative, interdisciplinary research on digital technologies and related areas to companies focusing on public administration, SMEs, mid-caps and low- tech companies and help them become more competitive by using safe digital technologies
Support advanced digital skills development by providing training programmes...

With this objective the goal is to raise awareness of the benefits of technology in any field of application and the manner in which technology can contribute to process efficiency
Offer regional companies and public authorities financial support for the projects they are ...

involved in and counselling services regarding business model improvement by facilitating the access to financial instruments, mechanisms, and institutions.
Become part of the European networks in order to contribute to the Europe digital transformation process with its technological capabilities expertise.


Initiative launching event.